Monday, 11 June 2007

Second Quilt

The second quilt I made. It was for the girlfriend of the M.O.T.H.'s mate. It isn't a good picture because it was a 'real' photo that I scanned!

It comes from the book Patchwork Basics 1 and the pattern is by Bev Darby. Hers has teddies in it, but like most quilters, I liked the pattern but not the colours! I use this pattern for all the new babies in my circle of acquaintances, just changing the colour to either suit the babies gender or the amount of one particular colour fabric I have!! It is such a quick and easy pattern to do. I backed it with pink gingham for some reason. Never again !!!! It looks crooked and was quite difficult to get anywhere near straight.

But I did it again on another quilt! and that is another story.

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