Sunday, 17 June 2007

Nine Patch Blocks

I love nine patch blocks, they are useful to make a quick quilt when imagination leaves for a holiday. I didn't make all of the blocks in this quilt, they are the result of a 'swap'.

It is 'sort-of' hand-quilted. I did a running stitch around the borders and stitched in the centre of each square, using a DMC Perle cotton.

I tried to make it look scrappier by doing two colours sashings around the blocks and most of the time, people don't even notice they are different colours!!

I still have dozens of nine patch blocks left and each month or so I get 20 more. I used some on the back too.. just for something different. I was going for a pattern on the back but I didn't measure anything. When I laid them out to see how they fit, none of them seemed to fit so I mixed them up and sewed them together randomly. I could see after I did this, that they would have fit together in the pattern I wanted to do but I wasn't going to unsew them and resew them!!!

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