Wednesday, 6 June 2007


I am making a Healing Heart quilt for my daughter. After an unfortunate incident with her then boyfriend, she found herself in hospital with no knowledge of how she got there. All the lovely people at QDU made her hearts and I have finally sewn them together into a very large top. It will have a cotton batting and flannelette for the backing. I am considering having it professionally quilted because it is so large. But then I will have my new Janome 6600p sewing machine soon so maybe I will give it a go after all !!
I find it very interesting that when hearts are called for in a certain colour, there is always someone that doesn't read that bit or just refuses to send in the right colour. Her hearts were supposed to be light blue but there were pink ones and white ones. I know she loves them and I am very grateful to the people that put in the effort to send her one too.. Thank you all.

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