Sunday, 28 January 2007

1st Picture

This is the latest quilt top for my granddaughter. I hope to have it finished before winter! I will back it with flannel, I think. This is her first bed quilt, her 4th quilt overall, and she loves them all. She has one 'play' quilt which I made for another granddaughter, but wasn't happy with it so I didn't give it to her. One day I will make another to replace it!

It Works!

I managed to get the link to the webring working with some much appreciated help - Thanks Margaret! :)

Saturday, 27 January 2007

All too new

My first blog post and I already need help..

All of this Blogging stuff is too new.. I cant even work out how to put in the HTML for the webring and I am certainly not a beginner at computer stuff!!! In another lifetime, I designed a whole web site just using HTML..

Once I get this worked out, i will put some pictures up, the walls are looking awfully bare!! :)