Friday, 30 November 2007

Colour Magic.. !

This is the end result from yesterday. Some beautiful purples and a to-die-for pink and a bright, fresh green. I still have to take a pics of 2 more pieces, the one from the baggie and the one from the 'drip tray'.
I was looking for a 'perfect' pink colour to do The Princess a ballerina quilt, but I think these are just perfect. Funny how our ideas change and evolve. I may even have to dye some more to make borders and backing! Now wont that be a hassle..

... not :)

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Colour My Day..

Today I took the plunge and put dye to fabric. I know there are a million pictures on the 'net of fabric in jars and bags in the sun.. and now there is a million and one! I cant wait to see what these turn out like.. it certainly looks promising after the first rinse.......

Thank you to Sandy for all her help and patience, I really appreciate it.. :)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

A Sewing Machine Cover

I finally have a sewing machine cover. I had to make it myself, but I now have one. I havent had a lot of luck with 'swaps'. First there was the SM cover swap - mine got eaten by her Sewing Machine so she sent me a lovely bag instead. Then there was the Easter Bag swap - it got changed to the William Morris Bag Swap (I dont like William Morris, sorry Michele). A Christmas-in-July bag swap turned out bad too.. my swap partner couldnt do her bag for me because she had too many other commitments and lastly we have the Secret Sister Christmas Stocking Swap. This is a total no-show too. It has been going since June and here we are in November and not a pressie in sight. I have sent to my SS, some were a little late, but they all got sent!! I cant wait til Christmas so she can open them :)

I embroidered Mama because that is what The Princess calls me. It is made from Oriental nine patches that were received in a nine patch swap. Nine patch swaps are goood because if you dont send any in, you dont get any back!! :)

I need another Sewing Machine cover for the other machine now.. at least I know I will get one if I do it myself !! :)

Friday, 2 November 2007

Quilt Stand

I made it myself! It looks good enough to be a bought one, and it only took a couple of weeks at school to make this! The colour looks a lot better in real life. The Princess uses it to hang her quilts on so when she is finished with it, I will hang some of my own !!