Saturday, 2 June 2007

Another sort of Patchwork..

I made this for my parents to take as they travel around the Eastern states with their caravan. It is quite cold over there during the winter months apparently. I have heard it snows too..
They are back in South Australia at the moment so I was able to give it to them - just as well as it would have cost quite a few dollars to post as it is heavy. They have been using it regularly as winter has arrived here recently and they say it is very warm!!
It took about 8 months to make from start to finish, working on it for about 3 - 4 hours a day. I really started it about 2 years ago but then my quilting got in the way and it got put to the side. Mum gave me a deadline to have it finished by, but I missed it by 3 days!! Ah well.. they have it now and are very happy with it..

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