Thursday, 24 July 2008

Off To America...!

Here it is.. finally! This is the card I have made for Susan Lenz from CyberFyber. It is probably the same as millions of others, but it is a new technique for me. I haven't used my embellisher before so this is my first attempt at anything with it.. it was such fun that I think I will be doing lots more with it....!! The next lot I do, I think I will do a small machine embroidery on it too, just to see how it works! I am sure there will be dozens of swaps and one of them has to be suitable for this sort of technique :)

Talking of technique, I just put some bits of wool together and pushed and pulled madly through the needles. I then added some rayon embroidery threads that were left over from various embroideries. After that was all mashed together, I tried putting a piece of organza over it and putting that through the machine but it just shredded it and there is barely anything left of it. I thought it needed a bit of sparkle so I used some metallic gold thread and did some of the fancy stitches on the sewing machine, and then some free motion work, to finish it off. The edging is done with rayon satin stitch. I am quite please with it..

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