Saturday, 30 January 2010

Friday Flaunt on Saturday

but I have a really good excuse…. The Princess has been quite unwell and it is hard to do anything with a sick kiddie… today though, she is on the mend.. YAY !!
So, this is what I have made.. it is a ‘cosy’ for the yoghurt maker.. it seemed to be losing heat and the yoghurt was not working.. so it needed a cosy.. LOL..

It is made from 3 layers of polar fleece with a pretty strawberry embroidery on the front…
Trying to get Windows Live Writer to send this post to the blog was a nightmare I haven't worked out yet... so if someone would please help, I would be happy..


Sally Westcott said...

I really like the clever cosy!


Sandy said...

Such a good idea Sue!

I am too tecno challenged to have any ideas about the uploading of writing.

My Prince Charming is unwell due to the heat - hope this passes soon.

cinzia said...

you must live in one cold place for your yoghurt maker to need a cosy! Looks good.