Thursday, 6 September 2007

At Last!!

At last my table is done! It took a while from thought to table but it is done!
Lots of people have sewing rooms, I just sew where I have room. I had nowhere big enough to throw a quilt and pin it and the thought of crawling around on the floor putting in a million pins, then having to undo half of them because they were stuck in the carpet, just didn't appeal to me or my knees.
The table is too long and not wide enough, but it does the job and I have now got 3 of my UFOs under control - one is almost finished, just got the last little bit of binding to do. We are lucky that there is a rather large veranda out the back because the table is too big to fit in the house!!

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Helen said...

Great idea getting a table. Can I suggest that you make it higher by cutting 4 pieces of pvc plumbing pipe to put the legs in. We did this for out tables at our quilt club and it has made such a difference to pinning up a quilt. No more sore backs. We cut ours at 25 cm long but you can work out the best height for you and cut accordingly.

Using bulldog clips(big size)will make basting a big quilt easier. Lay out the backing centered on the table and clip all around (about 4-5 on the long sides and 2-3 on the short sides.) make sure it is taut. Lay out the batting (centred) and smooth with your hands. Lay out the top (centred) and smooth. Transfer the bulldog clips so they hold all 3 layers and baste the centre. Then move the quilt and repeat the process. I will never get down on my knees again!!